Forest Lemonade v/s Energy Drinks.

The caffeine: While artificial caffeine is isolated as a single substance, naturally derived caffeine is bound to secondary plant compounds, vitamins, flavors and many other ingredients of coffee. These substances are known to the body. Now, the fact is that caffeine bound into a food may be absorbed more slowly by the body than an isolated one. However, this circumstance ensures that the vitalizing nutrients from the caffeine are evenly delivered to the body and the rapid energy crash known from many energy drinks is avoided.

The flavors: No artificial ingredients. Instead, a real fruit content and flavors extracted directly from the fruit. The same applies to the caffeine obtained. Compared to traditional coffee preparation with hot water, Cold Brew uses only cold water. Cold Brew also contains significantly fewer acids and bitter substances compared to preparation with hot water. This is primarily due to the water temperature. The hotter the water, the more bitter substances are released from the coffee
grounds. With cold brew, exactly the opposite happens: the longer the coffee is extracted in cold water, the more aromas are released from the coffee and the infusion tastes wonderfully fruity and mild.

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