Our history

We initially developed our product idea under the umbrella of Authentic Nutrients GmbH. It is our founding partner, produces food and stands for good products, innovation and fairness. Authentic Nutrients was awarded the Innovator*** by “Brand Eins” and “Statista” again and is one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

As early as 2009, we imported our first fair trade wild coffee from the mountain rainforests of Ethiopia. The inhabitants of the southwestern provinces of Ethiopia, the original home of coffee, have been using the coffee cherries from the rainforests for thousands of years. the coffee cherries from the rainforest, which flourish there in great diversity and incomparable quality.

Over the years, our fascination with coffee has given rise to various recipes and beverage concepts. The real momentum really got going after a visit to a trade fair in the USA. There a new beverage called “Cold Brew Coffee” was the talk of the town, but we hadn’t really thought it through to the end and it could only be kept unrefrigerated for a few days. and could only be kept unrefrigerated for a few days. This did not give us a moment’s peace. We thought about and developed a completely new lemonade, liberated cold brew from its Cold Brew from its isolation, added superfruits and carbonated the vitalizing infusion.

The result was a taste sensation (!) and the first “shelf-stable Cold Brew Lemonade” on the planet. We applied for a patent for our process in June 2017. Subsequently, we founded for our “Forest Lemonade” the Forest Getränke GmbH for our “Forest Lemonade”, prepared ourselves for the market entry and then the lockdown came around the corner. But we really love what we do and hope to make the world a little more colorful with our products, despite Corona.